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Bismillah Arahman Araheem

Asalamu alykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia (IFSVA)

Al-Barzakh Islamic Cemetery

IFSVA Al-Barzakh (Graveyard) Policies

      Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia, Inc. (IFSVA) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation through the efforts of the Muslim community in Greater Richmond. The IFSVA has established Al-Barzakh Islamic Cemetery located on Route 725, 31058 Sadie Lane, Doswell, VA 23047.

    The graveyard is a sacred asset of the Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia (IFSVA) and its safeguard is the responsibility of the IFSVA Administrative Board. The day-to-day management of the graveyard is the responsibility of the IFSVA Administrative Board.

The IFSVA Administrative Board (Phone Number: 804 322-3262) has set the following rules and regulations which should be always adhered to. Please read and return the signed Affidavit to the Funeral Director.

  • Burial Cost: $ 1,200, one thousand and two hundred dollars is the total cost for the Burial Services which includes the plot, grave marker, and burial/maintenance services…. etc. We expect a full payment by the deceased’s family for the cost before burial is performed.

  • Al-Barzakh shall be open for visitations and burials between sunrise and sunset. Visitation only by a written permit from the IFSVA Administrative Board. Entering the graveyard at other times without a written permit will be considered trespassing.

  • The IFSVA takes no responsibility for any property damage or physical harm to any person at  Al-Barzakh at any time.

  • Parking shall be permitted at the designated areas only. Vehicles left unattended shall be towed at the owner’s expense. Additionally, any damage to the site will be paid for by the vehicles’ owner.

  • Sitting, standing, or stepping on graves are prohibited. Care must be taken to walk only around the graves.

  • Solicitation, advertisement, notice or signs of any kind in graveyard premises is prohibited.

  • Grave site allocation is strictly assigned by the IFSVA Administrative Board on a first comes first served basis.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the graveyard or the parking lot.

  • Ladies should wear appropriate modest garments in keeping with Islamic standards.

  • No statues, benches, flowers, headstone, mausoleum, or any other structure is permitted. Any unauthorized structure or items placed by anybody in the graveyard premises will be removed without notice.

  • Grave Marker is of a standardized design and material ordered by the IFSVA Administrative Board. The cost of the marker including installation will be incorporated in the payment.

  • It is not allowed and subject to the full extent of prosecution by the law to destroy, deface or remove any tree, shrub, equipment or any other object in the graveyard premises without a written permission from the IFSVA Administrative Board.

Procedures during the burial service

The IFSVA Administrative Board applies the Sharia laws which agreed upon by the majority of Muslim Scholars. We understand that there are different Mazhab, but we follow what the majority agreed on. IFSVA will not allow any native/cultural service or act that is prohibited by the Islamic Sharia. IFSVA has set the following rules and regulations which should be adhered to at all times.

  1. Administrating the burial service is performed only by the President/Amir or a designated person via the IFSVA Administrating Board. Please contact the Administrating Board for more information.

  2. Brothers should carry the casket on their shoulders in silence without loud Takbeer or Shahada.

  3. Ladies are requested to stay at the Gazebo/picnic table area away from the grave.

 Mixing of men and women is not permitted.

  1. Only adult men are allowed to fill the grave with soil. Women are not allowed to fill the grave with soil.

  2. IFSVA Amir/President will ask men to clear the area after the burial service and allow women to come close to the grave.


The IFSVA reserves the right to adopt, amend or alter these regulations without prior notice.

     IFSVA is a nonprofit organization and donations for maintaining the graveyard are appreciated. Please mail your donations to Islamic Funeral Services of Virginia P. O. Box 109 Richmond, VA. 23218, Phone Number: 804 322-3262.

Family Representative: name, address, phone number and email address:  







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